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Purchase premium popcorn! June 9-12, 2021Shop the ACB Next Generations Double Good Popcorn shop and help fund our future programming for Next Gen by visiting the following link

Double Good Popcorn shop

Welcome to our sweet and salty summer snackathon!

You can get classic flavors such as; Butter Believe It or Caramel-Diem. Maybe you like to be adventurous with your snacking flavors? Well never fear Premium Popcorn has you covered as well with tastes such as; Holla-peno, easy-peasy-caramel-cheesy, Sergeant Salt and Pepper, and Sweetie, You Salty, just to name a few.

Perhaps you want a selection of flavors, because you can’t pick just one. May we suggest the All-Stars package which includes Butter Believe It!, Caramel-Diem, QuesoFire, Little Kettle that could, My Main Cheese, and  White Cheddar Go getter. All of those flavors in one package for just $59.00. This is our favorite option as ACB Next Generation al-stars is our Brenda Dillon Walk Team!

There is even an option to purchase popcorn as a donation, Double Good will then send to first responders.


As a newer special interest affiliate of ACB, we are looking to maintain and grow the programs we currently offer. Whether that means simply maintaining our zoom account to hold our monthly Saturday Night Community Calls, looking at events for next year’s convention, expanding our sponsored programs, or developing new ideas altogether, we have big dreams and want to be able to move those dreams into reality.


We just found out that the delivery estimated time has changed to 4-6 weeks. This may allow you to snack on your popcorn during the ACB National Convention with all your friends! Even if the snacks arrive after convention these sweet and salty snacks make great summer fun in the sun. Again to donate to ACB Next Generation just go to this website and take care of those sweet and/or salty snack cravings. Double Good Popcorn Shop

Things to keep in mind….

ACB Next Generation keeps 50% of proceeds.

Purchase Popcorn starting at June 9 Midnight ET and ending on June 12 at 11:59pm  ET.

Minimum purchase is $18  (This is 2 bags of popcorn.)

Ingredients are provided for anyone needing to check for special dietary needs.

Nutrition facts are presented as an image so you may need visual assistance to read.

On average shipping seems to run between $4 and $13 depending on location and amount purchased.

Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery.

We appreciate all those that get out there and place those orders and help The American Council of the Blinds newest affiliate along with getting that snack list taken care of.

ACB Next Generation is an affiliate of the American council of the blind, designed to highlight members 40 and under; aimed at shaping the leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you for your support of ACB Next Generation!

MOe Carpenter
Director on the ACB Next Generation Board and fundraising committee chair

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