ACB Next Generation Committees

ACB Next Generation Committees

Advocacy/Legislative Committee:

This committee shall develop and implement advocacy strategies relating to matters of interest to, and pertaining to the rights of, the ACB Next Generation membership; monitor relevant legislative matters; and provide advocacy assistance and/or legislative information to the ACB Next Generation Board, members, and affiliates.

Constitution and Bylaws/Resolutions Committee:

This committee shall review, evaluate, and propose amendments to the ACB Next Generation Constitution and/or Bylaws as deemed necessary for the effective governance of this Organization and shall provide notice of such proposed amendments to the membership in accordance with Article XI of the Constitution. This committee shall also prepare resolutions relating to the Organization and to the blind and visually impaired for consideration by the Board of Directors or at the annual membership meeting, including review and preparation of proposed resolutions submitted by ACB Next Generation members and affiliates. Upon passage, all resolutions will be distributed to the membership in writing.

Convention Committee:

The ACB Next Generation Convention Committee takes programming to a whole new level. Even though this committee is not active all 12 months of the year, we pack a lot of punch into a short period of time. Together we brainstorm programming for the annual ACB National Conference and Convention with a focus on a balance of social and educational event opportunities. We develop the content and partner with other affiliates and subject matter experts to ensure each event is well rounded. We also focus on fundraising for the auction, Brenda Dillon Memorial Walk and door prizes for our registrants. And we develop the promotion plan to partner with our other ACB Next Generation committees to ensure we broadcast the events and fundraising opportunities to our membership and beyond through such modes as social media, YouTube teasers, radio spots and our website. We are always looking for new partners who are doers and are driven to get a lot of work done in a short period of time and who want the biggest sense of accomplishment and pride at the conclusion of convention  week each July.

Fundraising Committee:

The fundraising committee shall develop and propose strategies for generating revenue for this Organization.

Membership Committee:

This committee shall develop and recommend strategies to retain and increase the Organization’s members. This committee shall maintain the member database and shall be responsible for sending member renewal notices.

Programs Committee:

This committee shall plan and conduct activities and events for the Organization. Such activities may occur in conjunction with or separate from events of the American Council of the Blind and may be of interest to the general membership, or may be designed to appeal to a specific segment of the membership. Activities may be planned in cooperation with other committees or with other ACB affiliates.

Nominating Committee:

This committee shall implement the annual election process of ACB Next Generation, including the gathering, review, and dissemination to the membership of information about the candidates running for Officers or Directors; coordination of one or more caucuses; and coordination of the ballot process, if applicable.

Public Relations and eCommunications Committee:

This committee shall develop, implement, and maintain or oversee the maintenance of, as applicable, ACB Next Generation’s website, social media presence, and email distribution lists.

Website Subcommittee:

Welcome to the website Committee for ACB Next Generation. This committee is made up with dedicated individuals who seek to provide a one stop shop, state of the art, website for all ACB Next Generation members and supporters to find everything latest events Next Gen is hosting to the latest articles regarding our members personal and professional accomplishments, and even a podcast speaking on a variety of topics. To find out more about our committee please email us at We look forward to supporting all our members with the best website with the most current and up to date information.


This committee shall be responsible for overseeing the creation of such publications as this Organization may decide to produce.